Clothing Drive

In memory of my micro-preemie son Jasper Thomas Goldthorpe. He was born via emergency c-section three and a half months early on 3/4/09 due to me developing severe pre-eclampsia. He lived 36 precious hours in the NICU at Shands in Gainesville and passed away due to a brain hemorrhage on 3/6/09.

What is needed is: Blankets, micro-preemie and preemie t-shirts, hand mittens, preemie
onesies, and booties.

What is not needed at this time is hats, but if you wish to donate some I will find a good home for them. All new clothing must have tags on them or be in the package they came in. This is a NICU policy.

They will take used clothes, but they will go to help the less fortunate parents unable to buy clothes. Used clothes will not be used in the NICU.

When: I will be delivering all donations to the NICU at UF at Shands in Gainesville, FL on my son's 1st birthday 3/4/10, so I will accept donations until Feb 28, 2010.

Where to send donation: You can send donations to Lisa Goldthorpe
P.O. Box 793 Inverness, Fl. 34451-0793.

Contact info: You can contact me via email at if you have any questions.

Thank you, Lisa Goldthorpe

Website suggestions for micro-preemie and preemie stuff:

How I came up with the idea for the clothing drive

It all started one day when I was shopping at Walmart. I somehow found myself looking at baby clothes. It was the first time I was able to go anywhere near the baby stuff since Jasper passed away. As I was looking at the baby clothes I noticed that there was alot of preemie stuff there and I picked up the cutest little pair of preemie shorts, they were the cutest and smallest baby clothes I have ever seen. That is when I knew. That day I ended up buying two little outfits one for a boy and one for a girl and said to myself that is how I wanted to do to honor my sweet precious Jasper.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Names of people who have donated

In this post I will be adding the first names and where they are from of everyone who donates clothes.

Lisa (Jasper's mommy) - Citrus Springs, Florida
Jennifer - Inverness, Florida
Megan - Topeka, Kansas
Holly and Anthony - Lees Creek, Ohio
Bree - San Diego, California
Sarita - Grapevine, Texas